Body Love Workshop Zurich

Body Love Fitness Anka Grzywacz
Body Love Fitness Anka Grzywacz

On 30 September 2018 I’ve had the pleasure to host a body love workshop in Zurich. And where else would it be than at Body Love Fitness!

We’ve had an amazing group of women coming together to talk about the influence of the media on our self-esteem. We did some deep exercises around our own insecurities. We healed ourselves by seeing our own image through the eyes of other women.

Body Love Workshop Zurich 2018
This workshop was too personal to take photos of the group so I took my own picture to capture the glow I had, having worked and healed with these amazing women.

I can’t express how grateful I am every time a group of strangers opens up so beautifully and finds strength and support in others.

The workshop ended with a short session of restorative yoga by Melanie Schuler, owner of the studio.

What the women said about the body love workshop:

Does it sound interesting? Would you like to invite me to host a similar body love workshop in Zurich or elsewhere in Switzerland? Get in touch!

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