Will sex be OK after baby? | Online article

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will sex be OK after baby

I’ve contributed to an online article “18 most common worries of pregnant women” for the Polish online portal for people dealing with fertility challenges. I wrote about the common worry “will se be OK after baby” that many women have.

Wife hates her body after baby | TV

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wife hates body after baby

On 10 November 2017 I appeared on biggest Polish breakfast TV show “Pytanie na śniadanie” as expert sex coach to give tips for men who say their wife hates her body after baby. I talked to a young blogger who just became a daddy for the second time and is supportive of his wife in the postpartum period.

Catholic sex education | Conscience Magazine

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Catholic sex education

This is my article “Between a Rock and a Hard Place. How the hierarchy’s approach to sex education leads to difficult choices” written for “Conscience Magazine” vol . xxxi—no. 1 2010, p. 22. It explores the impact the presence of religious Catholic teaching in schools on the provision of comprehensive sexuality education programmes. The bishops want to promote the Catholic … Read More