How Your Love Patterns Affect Your Sex Life

Love Patterns Interview with Sandy Kaufmann

Do you find yourself repeating the same scenarios in your relationships? Do you have the same sexual problems with all of your partners? This could mean your love patterns are messing with your love and sex life. But there is a way out. Watch the interview I conducted with Sandy Kaufmann, Zurich-based love coach. In her work Sandy helps women … Read More

Lost Your Libido In the Pandemic? Here’s How To Get It Back

There’s one thing nobody is taking about when discussing 2020. That crazy year was a desire killer. If you lost your libido in the past few months, you are not alone. Many couples have stopped making love altogether. As we enter 2021, COVID vaccine in sight, it’s a good time to think about your intimate life. The longer you stay … Read More

What Your Friend Is Not Telling You About Her Problems With Orgasm

what your friend is not telling about orgasms

Remember that scene from the HBO series “Sex and the City”? The one where Samantha lost her orgasm? She shares the news with her friends, hoping for some advice. “Let’s retrace your steps”, says Carrie. “Were you on top?”. The girls exchange more intimate details but find no logical explanation to Samantha’s problems with orgasm. Can you imagine having this … Read More

Pregnancy, Morning Sickness and Sex – an impossible combination?

morning sickness pregnancy

There’s nothing less romantic than getting sick in the middle of sex, right? And yet this is the reality of most pregnant women, especially in the first trimester. Is it possible to have a satisfying sex life when suffering from morning sickness? What’s causing morning sickness in pregnancy According to the American Pregnancy Association 50% of women suffer from morning … Read More

No Sex Drive During Pregnancy

no sex drive in pregnancy

Many women are surprised to have no sex drive during pregnancy. Why do some women have a sudden drop in libido and how to manage?

New Mums’ Circle in Thalwil

On 22 March 2019 I had the pleasure of guest hosting a new mums’ circle in Thalwil. This is a space held by Francesca Baracchi of Born Together. Every meeting has a different topic. My circle was of course about sexuality and relationships after baby. We talked how changes in the body after childbirth affect our intimate life. We shared … Read More

Body Positivity in Lausanne

Body Positivity Workshop Lausanne

On 6 October 2018 I co-hosted an amazing body positivity workshop in Lausanne. The main organizer was Joanna Lampka, popular Polish-speaking blogger behind Szwajcarskie Blabliblu. We welcomed a big group of Polish expat women from all around Switzerland for an evening of body appreciation, make-up and photography. In my workshop we spoke about body image, our insecurities and what makes … Read More

Body Love Workshop Zurich

Body Love Fitness Anka Grzywacz

On 30 September 2018 I’ve had the pleasure to host a body love workshop in Zurich. And where else would it be than at Body Love Fitness! We’ve had an amazing group of women coming together to talk about the influence of the media on our self-esteem. We did some deep exercises around our own insecurities. We healed ourselves by … Read More

How I got pregnant in my 30s in two months

how I got pregnant in my 30s

Today I’m sharing a piece of personal history of how I got pregnant in my 30s using fertility awareness. I want to explain why I’m so excited about cycle charting. Cycle app tracking are the thing nowadays but my own fascination started many years ago. By the way, I think I should call myself a trendsetter by now. So many … Read More

Take care of yourself, mommy! Self-care for moms

Self-care for moms

I didn’t do much work last evening. Or the evening before. I fell asleep. It happens so often whenever it’s my turn to get our son to bed. He’s a toddler so it takes about an hour for him to settle down and get sleepy. I feel so connected to him even on a physical level that we usually fall … Read More