Enjoy sex in pregnancy until childbirth!

sex in pregnancy

Sex in pregnancy? Yes please!

Has your OB-GYN ever talked to you about sex during your prenatal checkups? I asked this question in my Facebook group and several women said that the topic was never discussed. I think this non-representative example is a good indication of what’s going on in gynaecologists’ offices around the world. If sex is mentioned, it is mostly as a “no-no” in those high risk pregnancies. Sometimes docs suggest to do it as a natural way to induce if you’re full-term. Hardly anyone talks about other benefits and pleasure.

Pity, because good sex is possible until the very last days of pregnancy up to delivery. It is even possible during labour (with limitations, of course). The substances which are released with arousal and orgasm are the same chemicals which are responsible foe a good and calm childbirth. Well known promoter of good birthing and researcher of related rituals Sheila Kitzinger even wrote a whole book on “Sex and Birth”.

Nurturing intimacy and sexual energy at the final stages of pregnancy is an important foundation for those postpartum months when all you dream of is to get some sleep, shower and eat a sandwich. It is in that first year of the child’s life that many couples go through a serious crisis and often split up.

So, how do you have good sex at the end of your pregnancy?

Slow Down
Nature has organized things so as to make the expectant woman a bit heavy and immovable. Your ankles are swollen and the belly gets big. How about using those clues and slowing down in the bedroom? May your intimate encounters and solo sessions alike become an exploration instead of a chase for orgasms. Try being a scientist, fascinated by the human body and look at yourself/your partner in a new way. Find pleasure in rituals and slow caress. Intercourse can also be enjoyed slowly, with pauses and calm, deep breathing. Synchronize your breathing and see how it impacts your feeling of closeness.

Pamper that Clit
In advanced pregnancy a woman’s genitals are filled with more blood and the enlarged uterus presses down. This means a change in your sexual sensations. For some women penetrative sex becomes more fun, for others the opposite. Third trimester is the time of the clit. External stimulation is safer and makes for a good alternative whenever penetration is not recommended but orgasms are encouraged. The slightly engorged clitoris becomes more sensitive and susceptible to touch and your partner may find it easier to localize. This is the time for manual and oral stimulation as well as experimenting with clitoral sex toys. Some women experience their first orgasm during pregnancy.

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These are just two ideas to use and enjoy sex in the 3rd trimester. Want to know more? Watch the episode of Facebook Live show “With Love… About Sex”. What we’talked about?

  • Which positions are best when your belly is so big.
  • What to try sexually to experience new pleasures in bed?
  • Is it safe to be sexually active until labor begins?
  • How to encourage the beginning of labor naturally?

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