Is using sex toys OK or will it intimidate him?

What you’ll learn: Many women wonder if using sex toys or asking for what they want in bed is OK. Sometimes we play ourselves small in the bedroom because we are afraid our partner will think we are “too much” or he’ll be intimidated. In our culture women are not supposed to be too demanding, especially in the sexual sphere. … Read More

Why he lost interest in sex?

What you’ll learn: If your husband or partner lost interest in sex, don’t blame yourself. There are many causes of low libido in men and a doctor can help you understand what’s going on. Sometimes the reason he lost interest in sex is psychological. You can support your partner in getting his libido back, but he needs to be onboard … Read More

Want to get your libido back? Pay for that damn childcare!

childcare in switzerland

What you’ll learn here: Childcare in Switzerland, and in many other countries, is still a luxury. Many moms don’t realize that lack of child-free time contributes to their low libido. It’s easy to fall into the Perfect Mom trap and lose yourself in motherhood. To get your desire back, you need to prioritize time for yourself and your relationship again. … Read More

Pandemic sex drive: what you should know

pandemic sex drive

Highlights Pandemic sex drive is subject of scientific research, and there is a clear trend of people having lower libido. Some men and women experienced increased desire during lockdowns. There are many causes of low sex drive, with physical and mental health being the major reasons. Getting your libido back starts with taking care of yourself. Good partner communication will … Read More

What’s Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir Photography

Photographer Melissa van Oordt explains what’s boudoir photography. How can a semi-nude or naked photoshoot help you boost your sexual confidence? Read this interview to: Learn what boudoir photography and how to prepare yourself for a photoshoot. How to deal with shame around your body image and embrace your sensuality. How our lack of confidence makes it difficult to enjoy … Read More

Online Dating: How Not to Lose Hope?

Online Dating and Apps

When it comes to online dating and dating apps, are there any rules we should follow? There is so much conflicting information out there. And what about plain good manners and sexual etiquette? Watch or read the conversation I had with sex educator Paula Wawrzyńczyk. This is an interesting one as we combine our expert knowledge with personal experiences (I … Read More

Why you have low sex drive?

Why your sex drive is low

Women have low sex drive for a variety of reasons. Learn why you lost your desire. Some of the causes are physical, for example being caused by hormones or menopause. Other reasons are psychological. Understanding your low libido is the first step to get it back.

How Your Love Patterns Affect Your Sex Life

Love Patterns Interview with Sandy Kaufmann

Do you find yourself repeating the same scenarios in your relationships? Do you have the same sexual problems with all of your partners? This could mean your love patterns are messing with your love and sex life. But there is a way out. Watch the interview I conducted with Sandy Kaufmann, Zurich-based love coach. In her work Sandy helps women … Read More

Lost Your Libido In the Pandemic? Here’s How To Get It Back

There’s one thing nobody is taking about when discussing 2020. That crazy year was a desire killer. If you lost your libido in the past few months, you are not alone. Many couples have stopped making love altogether. As we enter 2021, COVID vaccine in sight, it’s a good time to think about your intimate life. The longer you stay … Read More