Your Road to Oh Yeah!

What you need to feel more pleasure in bed

Anka Grzywacz sex counsellor Zurich

The Big O is a Big Problem for many women

- It's so unfair, Joanna told me during a group counselling session. A man comes every time he has intercourse. Why's it so hard for us, women?

- Right? Marta joined in the conversation. And I never climax when we do it together. Alone, it happens sometimes. I'd love to be to have those famous vaginal o!gasms. Is that even a real thing?

- Well, ladies, you're still lucky, said Kasia. I've never had one...

Here's the Best-Kept Secret...

Woman climaxing

All women can feel pleasure in bed.

And most of us, even if we're able to come, have only tapped into a fraction of our endless o!gasmic potential.

If you've never felt it...

you can learn how to find it.

If you've had it in one way or another...

you can learn new ways to feel it.

Woman pleasure in bed
Let's talk about female pleasure. Women to women.

Hi! I'm Anka Grzywacz and it's my pleasure (pun intended!) to be your guide into the world of female o!gasms.

I had my first one, solo, in early primary school, and thousands more since then.

Even though I've discovered many ways to feel pleasure, I know that I'm not done and am constantly expanding my own capacity for O's.

I've been working in the field of human sexuality my whole adult life. For over a decade I've been a sexologist. I'm also a Certified S❤️x Coach and body-based psychotherapist in training.

I believe that good s❤️x is learnable (and teachable).

Anka Grzywacz sex therapist
It's worth to come to my trainings... (pun intended, again!)
"I think I had an o!gasm!"
A., participant of group counselling program for women, said she only came once or twice in her 20s.

"I have gained new s❤️xual energy. I enjoy my life more now. I stopped being frustrated about o!gasms. Instead I enjoy experimenting and give myself time to learn."
Jolanta, PARTICIPANT OF the first edition of "Back to Good S❤️x" coaching program

Translation : (After the webinar) I  have this reflection that it's important to understand that we're all different. And that we shouldn't get tense and think about reaching o!gasms. We should make s❤️x a bit more fun. I like to listen to you. The ease with which you talk about s❤️x is great.

Let's explore what you need to get to that Oh Yeah!

Here's what you'll learn during this free webinar:


How, as women we're uniquely designed to enjoy amazing o!gasms.

5 reasons you can't come.

And they are not-so-obvious!

What you need feel more pleasure in the bedroom. .

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