Sex in Pregnancy

Workshop for women in Zurich

Congratulations! You're pregnant.
You're probably full of questions and concerns.

You want to stay active in the bedroom but you're worried if sex in pregnancy is safe. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable asking your doctor or midwife those questions.


Hi! I'm Anka. I'm a mom of a lively, 3-year-old boy. I'm also a sexologist and Certified Sex Coach .

If you think my sex life in pregnancy was perfect, let me prove you wrong.

Despite all my expert knowledge I had the same worries as you. I lost my first pregnancy so the second time around I was extra careful. Even though I know an orgasm will not cause miscarriage, I still stayed away from intercourse for the first 3 months.

I can happily say that parts of my pregnancy were very sensual and I've had an amazing time solo and with my husband.

Let me teach you how to have a happy and worry-free sex in pregnancy. I'm so happy you're interested in women-only this evening. This will be a very intimate meeting of max. 6 pregnant women in a cosy room in Zurich Seefeld. We'll make ourselves comfy and talk bedroom stuff!

Let's talk! Woman to woman.

This workshop will help you to:

Understand your body

You will understand the changes in your body during pregnancy. Trimester by trimester. You will learn how these changes are linked to your sexuality..

Understand your feelings

Intimacy is so much more than just your body. You will learn more about changing emotions in pregnancy and how to manage them.

enjoy intimacy without worry

Many moms-to-be worry if sex is safe during pregnancy. You will learn what to do and what to avoid and when to consult with a doctor or midwife.

have fun in bed

Pregnancy can be the time of best sex in your life! Learn how to use the changes in your body to experience deeper orgasms and explore your sensuality.

help him (or her) understand

When you're pregnant you may get the feeling your partner doesn't understand you. Especially if you're in a relationship with a man. We'll practice simple communication techniques to help you and your partner avoid conflicts and understand each other better.

your questions answered

Every pregnancy and every woman is different. You probably have your own questions. I will try to answer all of them during our workshop.

That's exactly what I need! How do I sign up?

This is a small group workshop to ensure the comfort and honor the personal character of conversations. Space is limited to 6 participants so buy your ticket today. Secure payment is possible by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card.

Ticket price is 49 CHF.

Click on the image to buy your ticket now.

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What the women are saying

"You can talk about breasts, sex or holes in the ground - I'll listen to you anyway. I'm taking away the tip to observe myself in a given moment, to look at my breasts the way the look like right now, to see them, touch them, learn and experience them. Thank you for these descriptions: dignified, generous, Goddess-like. And thank you for the visualization exercise."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know a pregnant woman? Send her the link, maybe that's exactly what she needs!