At a glance

  • Sexologist

  • Certified Sex Coach

  • Life Coach

  • Psychotherapist in training

  • Psychological workshop facilitator

  • Fertility Awareness Teacher

  • 20 years of professional experience in the field of human sexuality

Studies and courses


2022- Psychotherapy training at Süddeutsche Gesellschaft für Bioenergetische Analyse

2016-2019 Certified Sex Coach ™ | Sex Coach University, California, USA 

2015-2016 Life Coach (postgraduate studies) | Collegium Civitas, Warsaw, Poland

2011-2013 Trainer and Facilitator of Psychological Workshops | INTRA School of Psychological Support and Education, Warsaw, Poland

2010-2011 Clinical Sexologist (postgraduate studies) | University of Economics and Human Sciences, Warsaw, Poland


2018 | ASPEX (Advanced Sexological Personal Exploration Experience), Sex Coach University, Poland

2016 | SAR (Sexual Attitudes Reassessment and Restructuring Training), Sex Coach University, Poland

2016 | Fertility Awareness Method (Roetzer) teacher's training

2015 | Pelvic floor strengthening and TENS method use in childbirth

2015 | Psychological support for LGBTQ persons

2014 | Four pillars of Tantra