Does sex feel like another task on your to-do list?

Go Back to Good Sex!


Imagine having fun in bed again. Remember that feeling?
That time when, instead of thinking "When is he going to finish?"
you whispered "Don't stop"?

I've got great news for you! You are not broken.
You never lost your desire. It's still inside you.
You can feel pleasure again.

You can go back to good sex.

Let me be your guide

Hi! I'm Anka Grzywacz.

I'm a sexologist, Certified Sex Coach and TEDx speaker. I'm also an expat wife and mom of a 4-year-old boy.

I love to talk about intimacy in a simple and fun way.

I believe Good Enough Sex is better than perfect sex which almost never happens.

Let me teach you how to be gentle with yourself.



You are showing interest in sex again.

You understand why you have low libido and what to do to increase it.

You stopped blaming yourself for your lack of desire.

You know what you want in bed and are not afraid to ask for it.

Your sex life will start changing:

You will be able to talk about sex despite feeling a bit shy about it.

You will learn how to reduce pain during intercourse.

You will know how to say "no" without guilt when you really don't want to do it.

You will explore ways to get more pleasure out of sex.

What the participants of the first edition were saying
after just one month:

"I've learned to observe my sex life more carefully. This has helped me to tell my husband what I want to change. I finally take initiative in bed! "
Jola, participant of first edition of the coaching program "back to good sex"

"I'm paying more attention to the signals of my body. The more I notice them, the more desire I feel. After the first month, I can't wait for our meetings. Anka has created a wonderfully soft, wise and safe space where we can talk and share our experiences."
kamila, participant of the first edition of "back to good sex"

Your road back to good sex:

How we'll work together:

Your investment


CHF 2490

You get twelve 60-minute sessions (two per month)

Exercises and assignments are tailor-made for you

Best value


Three monthly payments of CHF 913

You get twelve 60-minute sessions (two per month)

Exercises and assignments are tailor-made for you

Would you like to get started for free?

I understand you may need some time to think about it. You may be wondering if I'm the right person to be your guide on the path back to good sex. That's why I have  a free consultation for you!

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